Making Our Tincures

Special? you bet! We specialize in small batch tinctures. This way we can take advantage of harvesting our herbs at their best, in easy to manage gallon at a time. We use real herbs....which give us real results. Our tinctures are of the absolute highest quality! But the best part of our tinctures are... they TASTE GREAT!  Our family is committed to proving that not everything that is good for you has to taste terrible. We add all kinds of good tastes, that also are good for you, to help your tongue get past the often bitter, earthy taste that potent herbs can have. Take Elderberry Echinacea...our two children would run and hide when called to take this tincture! that is until we added blackberries and raspberries (high in bioflavinoids), oranges and rosehips (high in vitamin C), a bit of ginger (for tummies) and Elderberries (great at preventing influenza). After these out! They both would come running, with their mouths open, like little birds. That's when we became dedicated to making tinctures fun tasting for everyone!