Breathe Easier

                                                             2 ounce bottle


After going into the hospital for an injury... all four of us came out with pneumonia, egads! This formula was developed for building our lungs back to full strength. As a side, we noticed that when held under our tongues and breathed over, it immediately began to make breathing easier by opening up or bronchial passages. Breathing is serious business...we understand the scarey behind breathing issues. This tincture should be taken twice daily to tonify lungs, as well as immediately when tightness in the chest or wheezing begins.

From our family to yours....breathe easier!


A deep lung strengthening formula which assists in bronchial health and opens bronchial passgeways while making it easier to breath.


A proprietary extract of: osha, fennel, doug fir, rosehips, ginger, marshmallow, orange, brandy, vegetable glycerin.


Please see our Materia Medica for a complete listing of our herbs with their latin names and medicinal properties.

  • Recommended Use:

    Take orally, 1-2 droppers full 2 times daily for lung strengthening. May also be taken upon tightening of chest or wheezing, place under tongue while breathing vapors, to open passages.