Dragon Juice

                                                              4 ounce bottle


VITALITY!!! ENERGY!!! Yes...we want our man to have it.

Boosts immunity

Tonifies liver, kidney, heart and lungs

Reduces risk of prostate cancer

Increases stamina and strength and energy



A tonic for building vitality and stamina. This deep acting formula strengthens the heart, liver, kidney, prostate, and immune systems.


A proprietary extract of: panax ginseng, siberian ginseng, nettle, rosehips, hawthorn, astragalus, yellow dock, wild oat, jujube date, ginger, apricot, raisin, molasses, maple syrup, apple cider vinegar, brandy, vegetable glycerin.


Please see our Materia Medica for a complete listing of our herbs with their latin names and medicinal properties.



  • Recommended Use:

    Take orally,1-2 droppers full daily. May take 2-3 times daily in times of stress. Not intended for children.