Femme Vital-ity

                                                          2 ounce bottle

Want an all-in-one tonic for your whole body while balancing your hormones?! What woman wouldn't? This is THE women's tonic. Tonifies all of your bodies systems, helping your body find it's balance. Customers rave about how good they feel while using this formula. We have ladies from all over who have had relief from PMS and menopausal symptoms. Say good-bye to hot flashes, night sweats, heart palpitations and irritability! 


High in iron and calcium, this deep tonic is bloodbuilding, energy enhancing, and hormone balancing for women. Tonifies the heart, uterus, liver, kidneys while boosting immunity.


A proprietary extract of: dong quai, rosehips, hawthorn, astragalus, nettle, yellow dock, wild oats, white peony, jujube date, ginger, apricot, raisin, apple cider vinegar, molasses, maple syrup, black cherry concentrate, brandy, vegetable glycerin.


Please see our Materia Medica for a complete listing of our herbs with their latin names and medicinal properties.

  • Recommended Use:

    Take orally, 1-4 droppers full daily. May be taken 2-3 times daily upon onset of PMS or menopausal symptoms. Not for use during pregnancy. Not intended for children.