If I Only Had A Brain

                                                         4 ounce bottle


Need a little brain boost? Great for elderly, students...and even for those who have migraines! 

Helps your body repair the myelin sheathing to brain cells...What? let's just say that this will help repair the insulation of the brain's wiring, so the curcuits don't get crossed or yikes! short out all together.


A specific formula for enhancing memory, increasing circulation, stimulating connections and improving brain function.


A proprietary extract of: gotu kola, ginko biloba, sage, rosemary, peppermint, brandy, vegetable glycerin.


Please see our Materia Medica for a complete listing of our herbs with their latin names and medicinal properties.

  • Recommended Use:

    Take orally, one dropper full 1-2 times daily. To increase effectiveness, eat at least one tablespoon organic coconut oil each day.