2 ounce bottle


Oh! to be able to eat anything without consequence! For those times when your tongue out-votes your tummy. When your gut feels a bit angry and out of sorts, this comforting bitter will make you more comfortable.


Wonderfully soothing old-fashioned bitters in a tincture which is great for digestion, indigestion, heart burn and calming the upset stomach. Customers using this have had great results for symptom relief from colitis, IBS, Crohn's and celiac.


A proprietary extract of: gentian, fennel, lemon balm, ginger, orange, brandy, vegetable glycerin.


Please see our Materia Medica for a complete listing of our herbs with their latin names and medicinal properties.

  • Recommended Use:

    Take orally, 1-4 droppers full at onset of symptoms. May also be taken before meals to assist digestion.